World War 2 scripts

We have been working on World War 2 scripts , it’s totally fun !!! We just started so we are not very far yet , but we are still finding it totally rockin!! 😛 We now know what scenes we are doing . Some of them are : Women at work , Air Raids , Declaring of war and Evacuation.:L

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From Amy , Meghan and Magda  🙂

Blog Group – St Francis

Our First meeting.

We had a good turn out of girls from primary 7 this week. They were very enthusiastic and are looking forward to joining me in my exploration of the world of blogging. We began by learning how to write comments on this blog. Have a read and see what you think.

Primary 7 have started scripted scenes for their WW2 play and will be writing their own scripts soon.

Miss Keane 🙂