14 thoughts on “Drama Stars Rock!”

  1. Hello.
    I Think The Glitter Text Is Awesome lol.
    You Should Get One Saying Drama Rocks !!
    See Youu Later xXx

    Ailis ,x3

  2. OMG that text rocks! please post a comment telling folk how to get it.
    lovin the site,
    Magda :P:P:P

  3. Bonjourr drama people 😉
    just saying hi and i am going to try glitter text again !!
    Cyooooo Guyss xoxo 😀

  4. go crazy people hffrknhggkmjfjghkujtjyudu8ye4lf6rhfuhrnyhesssssssssssssssrnybewaj43tuiqqew5wrrn g


  5. hey people i am callie all these pics r soooo kl the 1 at the bottem i me and my group our little production was on the world war 2 and we were doing women at work an din my group are jack, siobhan me we were going to vidio it but some people did not want to be on the internet well this is the last drama blog and it was soo good but we have to go
    cya x =)

  6. Hi its Drama Dollz and its a message to say we will miss you miss keane and this is the last drama blog and we are so so so sad that miss keane is leaving so we will miss you soo much miss keane Byebyeeee your the best xx

  7. hello.how are we today, i am so bored so i’m going to type a looooooonnnnnngggggggg message.so our last class ws so fun and coolio 😀 i liked doing the audio thingy but i would have rathered do a video 😀 but some people didn’t want to, bye bye bye xxx

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