Last Class

Hi Blog Club,

I am just wanting to say what a pleasure it has been to work with such dedicated and mature learners. I think you are an inspiration to others and I am sure that you will go far. Keep blogging. This blog will still be available for you to talk about your drama. Keep in touch.

Miss Keane 🙂


Hi. Primary 7 room 16 have been working on ww2 scenes, we have not showed them yet but we are  making up scripts. It  is really fun and good for learning about World War 2. Miss Keane is a very great teacher at drama and overall, drama is exellent 🙂 !!!!!


WW2 Scripts

We wrote our WW2 scripts this week(01.10.08) it was really hard but fun!We had to do the same subject as our still life pics!!(look at them there funny!)I think next week we’ll be acting them out.It’s going to to brill!
From Meghan and Caitlin
From St. Francis
🙂 xxx:P

What we are learning

We are learning about drama with an Olympic theme. We are working in our cooperative learning groups which are The Olympians, The Bill 4, Polmont FC, The Coach Potatoes, The Multiteam, The Doctor Crew. This week we will be acting out our plays on the olympics.

                                 from Bethany, Rachel and Toni:)